The WOLEP clients can get to know the lawyers who have joined the network, which is why we invited them to share their experience with you in an interview. The lawyers were kind enough to answer our questions and we learned more about what makes them love the legal profession.
Mr. Yossy Haezrachy (Israel): The crypto technology is amazing, but it can easily go rogue and turn to drug money and weapons money
Mr. Yossy Haezrachy is a high scale litigation Lawyer based in Tel Aviv, Israel, who made international news by helping to disband the infamous Binary Option industry in his home country, aiding the FBI in the process. In this second part of our exclusive interview, he talks about the (mis)use of crypto and what WOLEP features caught his eye. [...]
“One thing that this pandemic has taught me is that we Lawyers have to be extremely flexible mentally”
An International Business Contracts Lawyer working with the Chamber of Italian Commerce in Nice, France, Mrs. Luisa Bergamino sat down with WOLEP to discuss her love of the Napoleon-inspired Italian Civil Code, her vision of the profession in 2021 and how her gusto for travelling makes her grow in her career.
“You can’t imagine the places that people called us from”: Mr. Yossy Haezrachy on representing victims of the Binary Option scam
Mr. Yossy Haezrachy is a high scale litigation Lawyer based in Tel Aviv, Israel, who made international news by helping to disband the infamous Binary Option industry in his home country. In this first part of our exclusive interview, he takes us through the small print of this extraordinary financial crime web.
10 Questions for... Mr. Antonio Muñoz de Gispert (Absis Legal, Barcelona, Spain)
With a career in law spanning 30 years and several major global Companies, Antonio Muñoz de Gispert is since 2003 running his own Law Firm in Barcelona, Spain. We’ve talked to the Founding Partner of Absis Legal about his advice for the young generation of Lawyers, the impact of AI on the legal scene and the pitfalls of insolvency procedures.
10 questions for... Argentinian Lawyer Marcos Felix López
“Buenos Aires is rich in legal matter. Rich in terms of growth and development, but also rich in the advancement of the law as a whole”, argues Lawyer Marcos Felix López, a new member of the WOLEP network based in the Argentinian capital. We sat down with Mr. López, a Consumer Protection lawyer, to discuss his progress in the field and the opportunities of collaboration with the legal professionals in Argentina.
Arydai Prado (Prado & Cantú), México: “Many businessmen still believe that Compliance is just related to money laundering. That’s not true. Compliance is about protecting your Company”
With experience in Administrative and Legal Areas focused on Administration, Human Resources and Business Management, as well as Internal Control, Arydai Prado is based in Ciudad de México where she runs her own Law Firm, Prado & Cantú. She has provided WOLEP an insight into the latest legal developments in México, particularly in regard to telework and outsourcing, and their impact on its economy and society.
Silvio de Candia, Corporate Lawyer in Málaga, Spain: “I think that, sometimes, a Lawyer is an artist”
The economic difficulties arising due to the COVID-19 pandemic have allowed Mr. Silvio de Candia, a specialist in Corporate Law, Banking and Finance, and Real Estate from Málaga, Spain, to provide his Clients with creative solutions which looked to the future by judging the present situation comprehensively. “You may have many books of Law at your disposal, but a keen assessment of the economic context and that extra bit of inspiration is what’s making the difference”, says Mr. de Candia.
Dr. Eduardo César Willer, Argentina: “I live and work by a phrase that says, if your son asks you advice about his future, find honor in proposing that he becomes a Lawyer”
The WOLEP Talks switched continents to South America, where we discussed the evolution of the Argentine legal system in the past decade with Dr. Eduardo César Willer, who counts Divorce and Family Law but also Civil Damages among his specializations. In this conversation, he provided a few nuggets of wisdom for the WOLEP community.
THE SPANISH CONNECTION - Juan Evangelista Segura Aguiló: “The only way to continue in this profession is to be passionate about Law”
He has over 30 years’ experience as a Lawyer specialised in Labour Law and Civil Law. Juan Evangelista Segura Aguiló from Palma de Mallorca argues that although a Lawyer’s work is no walk in the park, being passionate about Law and your Client’s needs is the key to success and continual improvement. He sees a great advantage in technology as it “allows the professionals to dedicate themselves to study and case preparation”.
10 questions for… Italian Lawyer Giancarlo Pezzuti
From volunteering and aiding migrants at the start of his career, to handling cases involving the infamous Camorra, to “testing the waters” of North American legal system and writing academic papers on the overcrowding in Italian jail system, Neapolitan Lawyer Giancarlo Pezzuti has developed a reputation as a highly skilled professional. The WOLEP network is proud to welcome him on board.
Around the globe in 90 minutes: The first WOLEP meeting brought together Lawyers worldwide
Lawyers across the globe, from South America to Africa to Europe, convened for the very first time via videoconference to share their thoughts on the evolution of the WOLEP network and to make the acquaintance of their fellow Lawyers. The meeting provided some great insights into the state of the industry and a truly collegial atmosphere.
Announcement of interest to lawyers
We invite you to get involved in the W.O.L.E.P. project. New technologies can make a substantial contribution to the professional success of lawyers. The Internet is also a market for legal services and, at the same time, an important tool that facilitates the professional cooperation of lawyers.
„I invite all my fellow European Lawyers to join the WOLEP network and boost their value to their Clients.” Romeo Cosma on market transformation, the benefits of a strong online presence and a better way for Lawyers to work together
You can always ignore tech opportunities. The problem is, ignorance ultimately comes at a price. Most certainly, there will be Lawyers who will ignore the impact of the new technologies in their everyday activity. But I don’t think it is a wise decision. If we only look at the instruments WOLEP puts at their disposal, first of all we should notice that it offers its members access to a new market.
Romeo Cosma, the mind behind the WOLEP network: „Our main value is the professional collaboration between Lawyers. Together we can do more, we can do better, and we can be more useful to our Clients”
First of all, I have been working as a lawyer for 24 years and I have been the Managing Partner of my Law Firm for 20 years. I think it was a natural process, building over all this time. My working experience, the environment in which I have been operating, they all made me a lawyer which holds as his primary value the professional collaboration between Lawyers.
WOLEP: our proposition for lawyers across Europe
The past year, so as the years to come, has faced lawyers across the world with tremendous challenges, with the pandemic causing closures and contract terminations which had a direct impact on the work and wealth of legal professionals of any stature. Law firms have seen their operations shrink, many lawyers are in danger of losing their jobs while others, just coming up in the industry, face a dire future because recruiting is, excuse the pun, locked down.
Why lawyers can’t afford to ignore the Internet for doing business
In the history of humankind, there has never been a time when our lives depended more on tools which enhance our lives in a non-physical way. Yet, our reliance upon digital media, software and information services in this so-called Information Age is certainly not a fad which is about to wear off. On the contrary, it has very concrete effects: from the way we establish and develop personal and working relationships, to our very survival, either as a person or as a business, our online presence w
The WOLEP network: a better way for lawyers to counter the COVID-19 pandemic
The COVID-19 pandemic, which unfolded in late 2019 and throughout 2020, has fundamentally changed not only “the global village”, to use one of Marshall McLuhan’s oft-quoted phrases, but has also dramatically affected the status of the legal profession worldwide. What this means is that not only access to physical legal institutions, i.e. law courts and law firms has been disturbed, but also that legal professionals across the globe have been shaken in the light of unprecedented changes in
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