Key statistics highlight the benefits of WOLEP membership to Lawyers

The membership to the WOLEP network brings Lawyers unique benefits, as highlighted by the end-of-year statistics for 2021, showing that Members of the network who have featured on the platform have increased their international profile, have enhanced their professional standing and, most importantly, developed their business.

The fact that WOLEP translates all of its content into 8 international languages means that Lawyers who have featured in the WOLEP Talks and have been hallmarked for the quality of their work are expected to reap the rewards in 2022.

The first meeting of the WOLEP Community in June of last year has garnered increased interest from both Clients, Lawyers and the general public. A post featuring a coverage of the encounter drew no less than 2521 views, with English (965) and Spanish (716) being the most read localised versions.

Our rendezvous with Italian Lawyer Giancarlo Pezzuti is also one of the top picks of 2021. Overall, it gained 2828 views across 8 languages, showing that a devoted Lawyer can become a star in the legal arena. The same can be said about our WOLEP Talk with Mr. Juan Evangelista Segura Aguiló of Palma de Mallorca, Spain, who totalled 2241 readings. Mr. Segura Aguiló gained a lot of attention from Spanish readers (1118 views) but also from the English-speaking readers of WOLEP.com (518 views).

WOLEP’s South American inroads have also proven fruitful. Our chat to Argentinian Lawyer Dr. Eduardo César Willer was also highly regarded, adding up to 2325 views, a quarter of which were in English.

Much positive feedback followed after our publication of stories highlighting the work of other Lawyers across the globe, such as Mr. Silvio de Candia (Spain - 2937 views in total) and Mrs. Arydai Prado (México - 1668 views).

In Autumn 2021, we sat down with Mr. Antonio Muñoz de Gispert (Absis Legal, Barcelona, Spain) - our talk proved captivating, with Spanish (889 views) and English (554 reads) ranking high. There were also stats in the four digits for our WOLEP Talks to Israelian Lawyer Mr. Yossy Haezrachy (1647 views) and Italian Lawyer Mrs. Luisa Bergamino (2136 views, of which the Spanish, French and Dutch versions have interestingly been read in the hundreds). The first Polish Lawyer featured in the WOLEP newsfeed, Mr. Artur Cichocki, is also gaining growing attention from our community and public, as do two other Italian members of WOLEP, namely Mr.Claudio di Napoli and Mrs. Sonia Pasquali.

We are working hard to promote the professionalism and high standards of the WOLEP members, both online and offline. Given the booming stats of 2021, it’s certain that 2022 can only be a success.

Find out more about the WOLEP services for Lawyers here.

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