How a professional collaboration between two Lawyers in the WOLEP network landed a Client a new property in Spain... and gains to all parties involved

The WOLEP network was conceived from the outset as a tool to facilitate professional collaboration between Lawyers, a fundamental principle of the platform. Below, two Lawyers from Spain and Romania reveal how, from the first contact to the successful completion of the project, their collaboration validated this principle, enhanced the professional reputation of WOLEP members and generated Client satisfaction.

Q:  Please tell us a few words about your recent professional collaboration which was mediated by WOLEP. How would you describe the project that you took upon?

Silvio de Candia (Spain): For me, it was very interesting to be able to advise the client and manage the relationship with him for the purchase of a property in Spain, coordinating various issues such as: foreign languages, Spanish law, preparation and revision of documents, notary, real estate agencies, etc. It was a first but I can tell it is the future of doing business, going forward.

Romeo Cosma (Romania): I was very careful about everything connected to this collaboration, because it was the first collaboration we opened in the network, and we wanted to validate a principle, to experience what we envisioned.

Like any Lawyer, I have a portfolio of clients. This includes people with different businesses and different interests and needs. In this case, a Client of mine wanted to buy a property in Spain. Earlier, when I met with him, we discussed the WOLEP project and what it means for Lawyers who are based and practicing in different countries or different regions to work together professionally. My Client was delighted with the opportunity to benefit from such legal services. So, when the time came to purchase, he asked me to recommend a Lawyer in Spain, and to stay involved to facilitate the relationship with this Lawyer. There was a language barrier, as the Client did not speak Spanish, so there was a fear of how the lawyer would understand the client's need.

On a technical note, it took less than three minutes to fill in the form, the selection of Lawyers was done quickly. In less than two hours from the start of the process I knew exactly which lawyer I would be working with and was able to let the Client know which lawyer would be handling his business in Spain.

​In less than two hours from the start of the process I knew exactly which Lawyer I would be working with and was able to let the Client know which Lawyer would be handling his business in Spain


Mr. Romeo Cosma is a Lawyer specialized in Criminal Defence, Bribery and Corruption, Tax Evasion, White Collar Crime and Fraud; he is founding WOLEP member from Bucharest, Romania.

Q: How was the overall process, from assuming the job to talking to your Client, getting paperwork from him, providing legal advice, transmitting legal documents, earning your fee etc.?

Silvio de Candia: We had an initial meeting with the Client, and we planned the management of the operation and the implementation of different approaches, using different communication channels and technological and legal tools provided by WOLEP.

Romeo Cosma: I posted an offer of professional collaboration through WOLEP, using the Client Sharing application, described the Client's problem and invited lawyers practicing in the south of Spain to express their interest. We received two offers, from two lawyers. After consulting with the Client, I chose to start working with Mr. de Candia, a Lawyer practicing in the Málaga area, where the Client wanted to buy the property. Geographical proximity mattered a lot to the Client, as he wanted to meet the Lawyer, talk to him, and receive the necessary advice.

Mr. de Candia signed the legal assistance contract with this Client, issued an invoice for the services rendered to this Client, and my professional relationship with the Client was regulated separately. I facilitated the settlement in the professional relationship established with the lawyer abroad, but for that work I was paid by the Client. I just knew about the arrangement, and I facilitated the communication between Client and Lawyer, conveying to my colleague what information was important for the Client. At the same time, I also helped the Client understand the advice he received from the Lawyer, so that he felt comfortable working with a lawyer he did not know, but was recommended by me - whom he trusts very much.

Things went smoothly, the Client had the full support of Mr. De Candia, who was professional in dealing with the matter entrusted to him, and the transaction was a success for all parties involved. It was also a validation of WOLEP's Client Sharing mechanism.

But beyond my collaboration with Mr. De Candia within the network, things have also happened in my own work as a Lawyer in Romania. Because I managed to meet my Client's needs, he appreciates me more, considers me a more important person for his business and affairs, and he became closer and more loyal to me. So I can say that by using the tools provided by WOLEP, you become more valuable to the Client. I took the liberty of asking my Client about this case, and he said, "Romeo, you are an important lawyer. I have other lawyers I work with, but with you I want to be closer because you can also solve my problems abroad, you can put me in touch with foreign lawyers and you can help me to be understood when concluding a transaction, or asking for a legal opinion". So for me, as a Lawyer, the most important benefit has been the increase in perceived professional capacity among my own Clients.


Q. In previous discussions with Wolep.com, you expressed your hope of having „more Clients through the use of WOLEP, advising international Clients and working in symbiosis with an international team of Lawyers.” Are you closer to that goal, after this first experience?

Silvio de Candia: I like the idea and am excited about being able to count on an international network of colleagues and being a global lawyer. There should be no borders. I think we are on the right track, but there is still a long way to go.

I like the idea and am excited about being able to count on an international network of colleagues and being a global lawyer

Romeo Cosma: I look forward to as many collaborations as possible, established with Clients from all over the world.

I am now a close friend of Mr. De Candia. We know each other, we shared a Client, and the groundwork has been laid for other future collaborations. I know exactly how he works, I know exactly what his needs are, what are the questions a Client should answer. I think the next collaboration will be much easier. We have definitely gained a partner.     


Q: How likely are you to recommend WOLEP to other colleagues after this first successful collaboration?

Mr. Silvio de Candia is a Lawyer specialized in Corporate Law, Banking and Finance, and Real Estate; he is a WOLEP member from Málaga, Spain.

Silvio de Candia: In fact, I've already recommended Wolep to other colleagues since I started interacting with the network, but some of them were already engaged in other projects. In any case, they may join us at some point. I hope so.

Romeo Cosma: It goes without saying that I will recommend WOLEP to both fellow Lawyers and to Clients. I achieved this successful collaboration simply by telling my Clients about being a part of the network, that within the WOLEP network we Lawyers work together professionally either on joint projects or client-sharing, and that the network is very well represented not only in Europe but also worldwide. All my clients have been interested in this international dimension of my expertise. Even if the need is not a direct one of theirs, they have told me that they have family members or relatives living in Spain, Italy, the UK who might need a Lawyer from those countries in the future.


Q: The WOLEP network is growing, and we’ve featured a few more of our members, specialists in multiple areas of law in various countries on other continents. What are you looking at for your next collaboration – are you interested in a specific territory, domain or project?

Silvio de Candia: Due to the type of issues I deal with, I hope to be able to share matters in the business, financial and real estate/investment field.

Romeo Cosma: I remain available to work on projects launched by other colleagues, or to look for Clients myself to offer projects for us to solve through the network. I think Clients perceive the value of the network, the ease of talking to the Lawyer, but also that they broaden their horizons. They can also address issues that are not in their own country. As for Lawyers, WOLEP means new opportunities to do business and to work on international projects, to grow professionally.

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