15.06.2021 | Teodor Burnar
Around the globe in 90 minutes: The first WOLEP meeting brought together Lawyers worldwide
Lawyers across the globe, from South America to Africa to Europe, convened for the very first time via videoconference to share their thoughts on the evolution of the WOLEP network and to make the acquaintance of their fellow Lawyers. The meeting provided some great insights into the state of the industry and a truly collegial atmosphere.
18.11.2020 | Teodor Burnar
WOLEP: our proposition for lawyers across Europe
The past year, so as the years to come, has faced lawyers across the world with tremendous challenges, with the pandemic causing closures and contract terminations which had a direct impact on the work and wealth of legal professionals of any stature. Law firms have seen their operations shrink, many lawyers are in danger of losing their jobs while others, just coming up in the industry, face a dire future because re
01.11.2020 | Teodor Burnar
The WOLEP network: a better way for lawyers to counter the COVID-19 pandemic
The COVID-19 pandemic, which unfolded in late 2019 and throughout 2020, has fundamentally changed not only “the global village”, to use one of Marshall McLuhan’s oft-quoted phrases, but has also dramatically affected the status of the legal profession worldwide. What this means is that not only access to physical legal institutions, i.e. law courts and law firms has been disturbed, but also that legal professio

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