19.07.2021 | Teodor Burnar, Adelina Zapis
THE SPANISH CONNECTION - Juan Evangelista Segura Aguiló: “The only way to continue in this profession is to be passionate about Law”
He has over 30 years’ experience as a Lawyer specialised in Labour Law and Civil Law. Juan Evangelista Segura Aguiló from Palma de Mallorca argues that although a Lawyer’s work is no walk in the park, being passionate about Law and your Client’s needs is the key to success and continual improvement. He sees a great advantage in technology as it “allows the professionals to dedicate themselves to study and ca
13.07.2021 | Teodor Burnar
10 questions for… Italian Lawyer Giancarlo Pezzuti
From volunteering and aiding migrants at the start of his career, to handling cases involving the infamous Camorra, to “testing the waters” of North American legal system and writing academic papers on the overcrowding in Italian jail system, Neapolitan Lawyer Giancarlo Pezzuti has developed a reputation as a highly skilled professional. The WOLEP network is proud to welcome him on board.
19.01.2021 | Romeo Cosma
„I invite all my fellow European Lawyers to join the WOLEP network and boost their value to their Clients.” Romeo Cosma on market transformation, the benefits of a strong online presence and a better way for Lawyers to work together
You can always ignore tech opportunities. The problem is, ignorance ultimately comes at a price. Most certainly, there will be Lawyers who will ignore the impact of the new technologies in their everyday activity. But I don’t think it is a wise decision. If we only look at the instruments WOLEP puts at their disposal, first of all we should notice that it offers its members access to a new market.
09.12.2020 | Romeo Cosma
Romeo Cosma, the mind behind the WOLEP network: „Our main value is the professional collaboration between Lawyers. Together we can do more, we can do better, and we can be more useful to our Clients”
First of all, I have been working as a lawyer for 24 years and I have been the Managing Partner of my Law Firm for 20 years. I think it was a natural process, building over all this time. My working experience, the environment in which I have been operating, they all made me a lawyer which holds as his primary value the professional collaboration between Lawyers.

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